Purchasing Agent for Indus­trial / MRO Supply from Germany & Europe

As the Indus­trial Purchasing Agency we procure “Made in Germany” and “Made in Europe” with excellent Quality

Purchasing Agent
for Indus­trial Supply
at the techno­lo­gical and geogra­phical Heart of Europe

Procu­rement Service Provider for the Industry

As an indus­trial purchasing agency for indus­trial supplies and MRO supply, we help you to find the right products and suppliers.

We work on a pure commission basis or success-dependent, i.e. we only receive our money for you if we have solved your problem or fulfilled your procu­rement requi­re­ments.

As a purchasing agency we have many years of experience in the search for suppliers for indus­trial supplies and in the development of (inter­na­tional) supplier networks especially for the industry. Furthermore, as indus­trial whole­salers we have extensive experience in negotiating purchasing condi­tions with suppliers. As an indus­trial purchasing agency, we support you with inquiries and purchasing projects. As a purchasing service provider, we help you to find technical components as well as technical drawing parts (especially for technical plastics / rubber goods), auxiliary materials and supplies, equipment and corre­spon­dingly suitable suppliers for these goods.

Your Dedicated Purchasing Office in Germany

Alter­na­tively, we can setup your own dedicated purchasing office with staff exclu­sively working for you in Germany. A dedicated procu­rement specialist or even a team of dedicated profes­sionals would work exclu­sively for your project and procu­rement requi­re­ments.

Purchasing agent for industrial MRO supply
Germany based indus­trial purchasing agent including MRO supply

Our Procu­rement Philo­sophy

The pre-selection of efficient and high-quality suppliers is the most important step in the purchasing process and therefore has top priority for us. Only between suppliers with at least good and compa­rable product quality does price compe­tition then occur. Because without high-quality components, our customers cannot manufacture high-quality products. And in the long term, the reputation of our customers and of ourselves as a reliable purchasing service provider ultimately depends on this.

When making a purchasing decision, we always consider the entire lifecycle costs if possible – including the acqui­sition and ancillary costs (such as delivery and payment terms), the operation/​energy costs up to the disposal costs and not just the pure purchase price.

In addition, we strive for a coope­rative partnership with our suppliers as well as with our customers. This means that suppliers, too, must be able to earn an appro­priate return in order to be a compe­titive and trust­worthy partner in the long term. At the same time, however, we also expect conti­nuous impro­vement and appro­priate innovation and investment activity on the part of suppliers. Ideally, we, our customers and our suppliers work together as a team to drive innovation.

Quality, compe­titive price levels and innovative strength are also important selection criteria for suppliers and furthermore the following: Delivery relia­bility, service orien­tation, credit­wort­hiness, flexi­bility and customer goodwill.

German purchasing agent with office based in Darmstadt located centrally in Germany’s most advanced high tech region with many leading indus­trial suppliers

Darmstadt has been frequently ranked as one of the best tech and digital hubs in Germany as well as in Europe. Together with the nearby cities in the region like Karlsruhe with the renowned Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Heidelberg with the Heidelberg University founded in 1386 and Frankfurt, which is a leading European financial and logistical centre (Frankfurt Airport is only about 20 minutes by car away from our office), the Rhine Main Neckar region is the leading deep tech region in Germany as well as in Europe.

“The IT cluster Rhine-Main-Neckar, also known as Silicon Valley of Germany, is one of the most important locations of the IT and hightech industry worldwide. It is concen­trated in the Rhine-Main and Rhine-Neckar metro­po­litan regions. The IT cluster Rhine-Main-Neckar is the largest IT cluster in Europe. 50 percent of the worldwide revenue of the hundred largest European software companies are generated by companies in this region. The Rhine-Main-Neckar region also has one of the most important biophar­maceu­tical, fintech, finance and consulting clusters in Europe.” (Source: Wikipedia) SAP and BASF have also their headquarter in the region.

(Source: European Commission, EU )

Furthermore, Bloomberg has ranked Germany as the most innovative country in the 2020 Bloomberg Innovation Index.

So one can find here not only many innovators, leading (technical) univer­sities as well world class research insti­tutes, but also many potential indus­trial suppliers for innovative products are based here. Many leading German Mittel­stand companies, which supply their indus­trial equipment to the world’s factories, are located in this region, as well. And everything within one hour drive from our office!

As a Buying Agent we are specia­lised on indus­trial supply and MRO supply

The Indus­trial Purchasing Agency: We offer individual purchasing services for indus­trial companies with medium to large procu­rement needs. As a purchasing agency, we specialise parti­cu­larly in difficult or fast-to-acquire indus­trial requi­re­ments and in the search for suitable indus­trial suppliers. We normally buy directly from manufac­turer giving you access to the best price available.

As a purchasing agent based in Germany we procure indus­trial supply and equipment as well as special materials / technical components (especially in the field of rubber and plastic). Furthermore, we are supplying (urgent) Maintenance, Repair, and Opera­tions (MRO) spare parts from European as well as EU based OEMs.

Please contact us with any of your indus­trial purchasing requi­re­ments to experience the benefits of our procu­rement services, which include:

  • Access to our long-time purchasing experience and domestic market prices resulting in reduced costs
  • We act as your local person on the ground
  • High-quality suppliers “Made in Germany” and “Made in Europe”
  • Improved lead times
  • Indivi­dually custo­mised quota­tions and advisory
  • Legalised and Certified Invoices and paperwork when required
  • Vendor relati­onships with German and European OEMs, thus reducing your vendor list


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