Indus­trial whole­saler for indus­trial supplies as well as storage, municipal and shipping / marine supplies located in Germany for export

Our regular customers include indus­trial groups, medium-sized indus­trial companies, large logistics service providers, other indus­trial whole­salers and public insti­tu­tions (e.g. the German armed forces/​navy, theatres and cities / munici­pa­lities) throughout Europe.

As indus­trial whole­salers / traders / exporters for indus­trial and storage supplies in Germany, we offer the following products and many more:

  • Whole­saler for / Exporter of Indus­trial supplies, storage supplies, municipal supplies and ship supplies.
  • Workplace systems such as indus­trial chairs and packing tables / workstations
  • Indus­trial scales as well as rental scales for stocktaking
  • Transport trolleys for production and storage
  • Indus­trial floors, indus­trial floor tiles and workplace mats
  • Hall markings, indus­trial markings, floor markings
  • Warehouse markings as well as shelf signs with barcode
  • Noise protection, such as noise barriers and anti-vibration mats
  • Lean management consulting
  • Tactile guidance systems for the blind
  • Purchasing agency for indus­trial supplies (including technical drawing parts made of plastic / rubber and supplier search)

For urgent parts requi­rement (e.g. in case of machine breakdown) we offer our express indus­trial parts delivery service for emergencies.

Unfort­u­nately it is not possible to list all available articles in this online shop. Therefore, please inquire additio­nally by email, the below RFQ form or phone and let us know how we can help you indivi­dually: info@​einkaufsagentur.​com

Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Indus­trial Supplies


Indus­trial Scale Rental / Hire for Germany, Austria and the EU
Express Indus­trial Parts Delivery for Emergencies

Purchasing Agent Agency in Germany and Europe

Indus­trial Whole­saler for Indus­trial Supplies in Germany