Facing unplanned equipment or machine downtime? When time and speed are the most critical factors … We are the purchasing agent for very urgent deliveries of indus­trial supplies, parts and components across Europe. We get things done fast!

Express Indus­trial Parts Delivery: Sometimes you need a part or component very urgently in order to continue production. E. g. if you have a breakdown of a machine in your production line and you need to certain part from you German or Austrian supplier to repair it. You face an imminent belt standstill?

Sometimes German, Austrian or other European suppliers as well as online shops do not supply to third countries.

We have the right solution for you: As a indus­trial whole­saler wecan procure the missing parts on short notice and then deliver them directly to you. We offer express delivery of urgent parts within the EU.

For extremely urgent cases we can organize an hand carry or hand courier using commercial flights on short notice. (Frankfurt airport is only 25 minutes with car located away from our office.)

Express delivery for urgent indus­trial parts and components in case of emergencies

Call: +49 157 3630 8261 for immediate response

Unplanned equipment downtime can cost companies on average USD 260,000 per hour according to ABERDEEN – for large companies one hour of downtime costs even USD 686,000 on average!

Own adver­ti­sement:
Express indus­trial scale rental for emergencies

Express Industrial Parts Delivery for Emergencies

Express Indus­trial Parts Delivery for Emergencies